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I’m a blog sans database?

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You have happened across Ben Creech’s web presence. This web presence is currently in blog form, which implies content will appear here with a regularity which I can assure you is highly unlikely to obtain.

Mostly this is just a place for me to throw stuff on the interwebs.

This is a static site whose source lives on Github and whose content is hosted on Github pages. It’s generated by Hugo. More on that in another post, maybe.


My name is Ben! I live in the part of NYC we call “Jersey City” with my lovely wife and two sentient mops. I like science fiction, jazz, running, and programming the machines who will, one day soon, feed us and clothe us and compose our smooth jazz.

I’m a Software Engineer, in the dark management side of the business since 2014.

You can find my resume at http://tinyurl.com/bpcreech.